Areas of Expertise

Life & Executive Coaching

I currently work as a Consciousness Coach®, and use a neuroscience based approach. This enables you to change the context that you create from so that you create consciously from your present strengths and not unconsciously from your past fears. This is supported with various techniques to build new neural pathways in order to create a totally new reality for yourself – a new ‘normal’. Our brains are ‘plastic’ and early ways of thinking are not always the most effective as they tend to be reactive. Allowing ourselves to recognise limitation and to build capacity enhances the quality of our lives. Coaching creates the awareness, and provides tools and motivation to keep moving you forwards.

Process/Trauma Facilitation

We all go through tough times in life when we need an empathetic guide, a good listener, and tools that we can use to enable us to turn pain into opportunity. I support people through trauma and grief, and encourage personal and spiritual growth. This type of facilitation would typically include breathwork, coaching, counselling and spiritual awareness as well as meditation and mindfulness exercises.


Learn the art of Meditation, of the most powerful tools available to us in these hectic times, enabling us to calm down, reboot our brain, and fast track our own process of growth and change. Sessions are one-on-one with optional monthly group sessions. Change that results in transformation always happens from the inside out. An important part of meditative transformation is your own breath. Learn how to use your breath as your greatest tool for relaxation and transformation. Masterclasses in mindfulness and meditation also offered.

My Approach

In many cultures the dragonflies that flit in and out of my sanctuary room  symbolise transformation, adaptability and self-realization with their remarkable agility of flight, lightness and magic. I encourage this adaptability and calmness in my clients, guiding and supporting them through the crisis moments we have to deal with in life.


My approach is compassionate, respectful and informed. I believe that negotiating a life crisis with support and companionship makes it easier to focus on the light rather than the tunnel.


The practice is geared towards empowering individuals, families and organisations, enabling them to cope with change and crisis, lead and manage themselves and others effectively, develop coping strategies and build emotional intelligence. 


We work together to combine exposure to new information with discipline and will in order to change entrenched habits and thinking. Being able to choose a different action or response, resulting ultimately in new more appropriate habits and thinking, is true inner power.


“New occasions teach new duties, time makes ancient good uncouth, they must upward still and onward, who would keep abreast of truth.”



When I Die

Two day workshop in Somerset West with information around planning a Good Death.


Learn about the core elements comprising a good death including:​

  • What can you do now to ensure a Good Death (even if just for your loved ones)

  • End-of-Life care options

  • What happens when our bodies die?

  • Advanced Care Plan to ensure dignity and quality of life.


Draw up the documents needed for a When I Die file to ensure things are streamlined and efficient for your family after you have left.

Dates: (To be Confirmed)    

Bookings:  Lily 083 501 4898  or

Living Deliberately

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