Lily Breuning Ellis

Process Facilitator & Life Coach

I am passionate about supporting people through crisis and change. I believe in a holistic approach to any kind of discomfort, as this invariably is simply the signal for us to develop and grow in some way. I have pursued a lifelong path of personal growth, studied Non-linear Dynamics, Energy Principles, Consciousness Coaching and Neuroscience in Coaching. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Counselling, and have qualified in Levels I and II in Spiral Dynamics (a map of the development of values in people – looking at not so much what we think but how we think). I am currently busy with my advanced practitioner training in Breathwork.


"Life is change. Growth is optional.

Choose wisely."

Sanctuary of Light

I work in a beautiful, tranquil space in

Somerset West, Western Cape.

From my serene consulting space the glorious vistas of nature serve as a continual reminder that life is beautiful, that seasons change, and that wilted Autumn leaves give way to new growth in Spring.

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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."


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Willowbrook Estate

Somerset West


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